Mission Statement

Diversity Football League Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable better representation in professional sports from a multitude of communities that reside in the UK

Diversity Football League Vision Statement

Our vision is to help raise the sporting prowess of individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds, especially those from a BAME background as a report from Sport England showed that members of minority ethnic groups are under-represented in sports.

We aim to prepare our members to compete on an international level by equipping them with the skills and training necessary to move forward. We will also ensure that our members have that vision to aim high and to become lifelong skilled members of the community that continue to give back to those less fortunate.

Diversity Football League Core Values


We are committed to:

  1. Providing a great service for all communities no matter what your background
  2. Impacting the wider community with positive action that improves the relationship and understanding between the many communities around us
  3. Working with other organisation with a similar outlook on aiding those communities, especially those in areas of deprivation


We will always:

  1. Put forward opportunities to our members that will help develop their skills and confidence through participation
  2. Broaden horizons by setting a clear vision for our members to aspire to
  3. Remind our members of those less fortunate so that we can all continue to give back to the community that supported us in the first place


We will promote:

  1. Recognition and celebration of personal/team achievements
  2. High standards of play and camaraderie in all of our activities
  3. Support between our members to expedite the improvement of our skills


We endeavour to:

  1. Contribute to society and demonstrate social responsibility by investing in the development of young individuals
  2. Instil worthy values within our communities
  3. Enrich the lives of those that would otherwise have not had the opportunity due to their socio-economic status